Past Adventures

NOLS Patagonia Semester – Spring 2009. Three months of backpacking, sea kayaking and mountaineering.



CANADAMOTO. August 2011. First of the Canadian adventure motorcycling trips. Matt Lampeter rode on his BMW F-650GS, and I on my Kawasaki KLR-650. Trip was only a few days, but we covered a lot of ground and had a blast. The trip took us through Ontario, into Maine and eventually home.


Spring Break Motorcycle Trip. March 2012. Tyler and I headed south in search of warmer weather, ending up stranded in Asheville NC with two broken down motorcycles. I had my first road crash on this trip, coming in a bit too quickly through an exit ramp after riding expressway tarmac for hours. Thanks to the good graces of some local riders we met on the forums, we were back on the road in a few days and headed back up north. Tyler rode his Kawasaki Ninja 250 and I was on my Kawasaki KLR-650.


CANAMOTOVENTURE. June 2012. This trip was 13 days of blood, frustration, and motor oil. Tyler rode his Kawasaki KLX-250 and I was on my Kawasaki KLR-650. We had constant breakdowns (mostly Tyler’s bike) and were even stuck in a random Quebec mining town for several days. We started in Rochester NY, went up through Tobermory, north through Ontario, into Northern Quebec via Val D’or and Rouyn Noranda, through Quebec into Maine, down the coast to Boston, and eventually back to Pultneyville NY. This trip remains one of the best experiences of my life.


CANATACOMADVENTURE. July 2012. Following on the heels of Canadamotoventure, my new girlfriend Kayleigh Wood and I decided to do a similar route, venturing even further north and east into Quebec. We took my Toyota Tacoma on this trip, and spent 6 days living out of it, exploring as far north as Chibougamau and as far east as La Malbaie. We had an awesome time.


Spring Break Scuba Trip. March 2014. This spring break took Tyler and I south into Florida. I spent 4-5 days in Orlando attending classes for decompression and trimix technical diving. After the classes I headed south and met up with Tyler in Key West, spending a few days there. On the way back north we stopped in north Florida and explored some of the local springs.

CANADASOLOMOTOVENTURE. June 2014. Unfortunately none of the usual suspects were available during this time period to go on another motorcycle adventure, so I went alone. I spent 10 days on my Kawasaki KLR-650 headed east. I started in Pultneyville, through VT and ME, into New Brunswick, on the ferry to Nova Scotia, through Nova Scotia and into Prince Edward Island, back off and through ME and VT and eventually back home to Pultneyville.





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