Beginning in 2017 I have been working with local shipwreck explorer Jim Kennard on his never ending quest to find shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. Jim is no stranger to the process, spending countless hours as he uncovers the history and final resting place of more than 200 wrecks (and counting!). As part of the discovery team I have had the opportunity to learn the time intensive process of side scan sonar operations and have gained valuable experience deploying, monitoring and interpreting this equipment.  As an added perk of being a part of the team, Jim has graciously allowed me the privilege to begin diving these wrecks, documenting their condition and bringing back photos and videos to share with the world. I am incredibly grateful to Jim (and Roger, Chip) for their mentoring and friendship. I am also incredibly humbled to be sharing this honor with famed explored Jill Heinerth. Jill is an outstanding photographer and has brought her talent along to capture these beautiful wrecks.


Queen of the Lakes

Steamer Homer Warren