Steamer Homer Warren

On September 12th, 2018 Jill Heinerth and I once again teamed up to dive another one of Jim Kennard’s discoveries, the Homer Warren. The Homer Warren was built in 1863 and foundered in a storm in October 1919. All lives on board were lost when the ship was lost.

The wreck had been visited once before by technical diver Dan Scoville, sometime around 2003. We did our dive on closed circuit rebreathers utilizing mixed gasses and a lengthy decompression.


Photo credit Jill Heinerth


Photo credit Jill Heinerth


Photo credit Jill Heinerth


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**The exact location (and depth) of the Homer Warren remains a secret. We strongly feel that releasing any information in regards to location could result in the theft or destruction of artifacts left on the wreck.**